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Mc9 / Ellipse Balanced & Octopus

Mc9 / Ellipse Balanced & Octopus

Pairing of balanced and adjustable 2nd stage  Ellipse Balanced with the hyper-balanced 1st stage MC9.
Thanks to the performance and the highly technological content of both stages this regulator is placed at the very top of the Cressi range.
The user can adjust both the inhalation effort and the Venturi effect (dive / pre-dive) at any time during the dive.
  • Details

    2nd stage Ellipse Balanced
    Ellipse Balanced casing is made from a sound absorbing material, new diaphragm, improving low inhalation effort.
    The pneumatic balancing system of the piston allows constant performance at any depth with any air pressure.
    An easy grip knob allows adjustment of inhalation effort.
    Top lever, When placed in(-)functions pre-dive, (+)allows regulator to develop maximum performance.
    An internal heat exchanger optimises performance in cold water.

    Technical Characteristics of the 2nd stage Ellipse Balanced with 1st stage MC9
    Average inhalation effort 3 mbar
    Average exhalation effort 8 mbar
    Average breathing labour 0.75 J/l
    Quantity of air supplied 2500 l/m (*)
    Weight without hose 170 g

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