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Mc9 / Ellipse Titanium & Octopus

Mc9 / Ellipse Titanium & Octopus

Pairing of 2nd stage Ellipse Titanium with the 1st stage hyper-balanced MC9.

This is a very high performance regulator, with the best Cressi 1st stage that feeds a sophisticated 2nd stage; a true market leader thanks to its dimensions and lightness.
  • Details

    2nd stage Ellipse Titanium

    A latest generation regulator, loved by both professional and recreational divers thanks to its excellent performance.
    The small size, combined with the use of sophisticated techno-polymers and various titanium parts allow the weight to be kept to an exceptional minimum.
    Technologically the regulator is truly avant-garde, thanks to a series of unprecedented features, covered by a patent, that enhance its performance.
    Amongst which:
    The elliptical casing with special fold out opening.
    Instant cam-lock closure of the casing.
    The folding diaphragm for use with a large regulator lever.
    The regulator lever with its computer designed profile.
    The tilting movement of the piston.
    The insulating anti-freeze between the regulator valve and casing.
    The possibility of removing the entire regulating system from the body of the 2nd stage, for quick and easy maintenance.
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